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Acknowledge the small things in life


Here´s the thing about being grateful. It doesn´t need to be “This one big thing”, nor is it that your heart will completely overflow with love every time you are thankful. But maybe it does. You just need to give it a chance.


I told you about the day I was so unproductive and dissatisfied (“7 strategies to keep your fears on the backseat). Well, it´s just a question of perception.


When I was struggling with the task on my list, I decided to take a break and sneaked into my kid’s rooms. My teenager was lying on his bed, watching Netflix. I tried to convince him to come outside and to my own surprise he agreed. We ended up playing basket together for a good half hour. What a precious time! He is a Teenager, so why on earth should he spend his time with his mum. But he did. And after 15 minutes of training, I even managed to hit a few baskets, which encouraged him to cheer me up enthusiastically.


The next morning, my other Just-Teenager joined me unexpectedly in my office for a little chat – he is the only one still in distance learning. We talked about lunch break and I asked him, if he was interested in preparing lunch and he immediately agreed (if you don´t have children please know, that this is exceptional). He chose a Caesar Salad (healthy and jummy!) and we both worked together on preparing the lunch for the three of us. What a great pleasure!


After school my daughter came home and all we did was spending an hour together in the sun; she was rolling around with her Inliners, talking about school, while I was sitting on a bench, watching her and listening. Absolutely amazing!


What a great, precious time it is to spend time with your children. It´s these “times in between”, when nothings really happening, where life takes place. They won´t necessarily tell you, when they are happy or sad. The older they get, the more they install the adult strategies to hide their feeling and deal with things on their own. This is important for them and for us but still it is so valuable to get a glance into their universes, even if it´s only trivial stories of their school day. Those ordinary moments in your life are the most valuable. It is then when the heart suddenly starts to overflow. (Even though  I considered them as my biggest obstacle….)

“To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.”

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