Welcome to my Letters to the Universe

How often do we search for happiness on the outside? A spectacular journey, a new dress, another online course, which shall bring us to our innermost goal: having a fulfilled and happy life. 

Hi, I´m Melanie and with my Letters to the Universe I like to invite you to YOUR HAPPY LIFE.

„The Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are." – Rumi


With that quote in mind, I explored life from a different angle. Be it on the Yoga mat or searching for silence in meditation; the journey of life can´t be traveled on the outside – it has to start within ourselves. Follow my blog and receive my newsletters with 3-5 minutes reads on how to get out of your routine and back into YOUR HAPPY LIFE.

Compare and let go…


Guest post by Dan Barr


It’s human to compare yourself to others – it’s normal to sometimes feel you aren’t quite where you think you should be. But maybe it’s time to change your perception and  hike your own hike.

Start by comparing and then let go…

The myth of a happy life – what’s the source of joy?


What really makes us happy? Fame, money or a sack of gold? The good news is: you don’t have to go so far to find your source of joy.

Connect, be compassionate and get in touch with the ones around you…

The myth of a happy life
Warrior II

Keep your focus with Virabhadrasana II or the fierce warrior!


Tired of doing two (or more) things at a time and don’t get anything done at all? 

Then it’s time to regain your focus and keep it for the rest of your day…

Unplug! It’s time to enjoy life Offline


Did you go for a walk today? Enjoy the beauty of Nature without looking at your phone? It’s time to unplug and take some time offline!

3 simple strategies to get some fresh air…

Every Morning Matters – Treat it with Care


Creating a morning routine is easy? Well, you have to stick to it 66 times in order to create a habit. But believe me, it’s fully worth it.

Let´s give it a try…


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