Welcome to my Letters to the Universe

How often do we search for happiness on the outside? A spectacular journey, a new dress, another online course, which shall bring us to our innermost goal: having a fulfilled and happy life. 

Hi, I´m Melanie and with my Letters to the Universe I like to invite you to YOUR HAPPY LIFE.

„The Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are." – Rumi


With that quote in mind I explored life from a different angle. Be it on the Yoga mat or searching for silence in meditation; the journey of life can´t be travelled on the outside – it has to start within ourselves. Follow my blog and receive my newsletters with ideas of how to get out of your routine and back into YOUR HAPPY LIFE.

Every Morning Matters – Treat it with Care


Creating a morning routine is easy? Well, you have to stick to it 66 times in order to create a habit. But believe me, it’s fully worth it.

Let´s give it a try…


Feng Shui & Home Design – the devil’s in the detail


Here is how to start with a Feng Shui analysis: calculate your Kua number and follow your most auspicious directions.

Luck is a question of preparation…


 Feng Shui Your Life: Let the Qi flow!

Feng Shui is not about placing your furniture or putting a pond in the corner. It’s an ancient technique for your personal well-being.

Dive into the magic of the ancient wisdom of Wind & Water…

Your greatest obstacle is your biggest chance – 7-step guide

Empower your life and follow this 7-step guide to reveal your obstacle and tap into your full potential. Defining your obstacle is the most important point. 

The rest is an opportunity in disguise…



Envision your dream and don´t let resistance stop you


Turning Pro doesn’t mean there is no resistance – resistance is always there.

Envision your dream and don’t let anything stop you.

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