Welcome to my Letters to the Universe

How often do we search for happiness on the outside? A spectacular journey, a new dress, another online course, which shall bring us to our innermost goal: having a fulfilled and happy life. 

Hi, I´m Melanie and with my Letters to the Universe I like to invite you to YOUR HAPPY LIFE.

„The Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.” – Rumi

With that quote in mind, I explored life from a different angle. Be it on the Yoga mat or searching for silence in meditation; the journey of life can´t be traveled on the outside – it has to start within ourselves. Follow my blog and receive my newsletters with 3-5 minutes reads on how to get out of your routine and back into YOUR HAPPY LIFE.

Join the path to happiness


Be exalted, enjoy the view and feel the humblest

 Sitting on top of a mountain gives us a feeling of humbleness, being a single light in the whole universe. Can you relate…?

It’s time to refill your cup & Meditate

 Meditating helps not only to deal with stress and anxiety as you start to see your problems from a different angle, it also helps you to accept your current life circumstances as well as your energy level. Today is a good day to get started…


Compassion 2.0 – the journey starts in you

Sometimes it doesn’t need much to change your perspective. Shift your awareness to the part which is unseen. Compassion for the outer world starts with compassion for yourself.

The journey starts in you…

ONE Thing: Using the domino effect to life a healthier and happier life

What would you do, if you had time for only ONE thing (today, this week, month, year) – try to use the domino effect and enhance your life for the better.

Step by step you will reach more fulfillment…

Do not try to do everything. Do one thing well.

Compare and let go…

Guest post by Dan Barr

It’s human to compare yourself to others – it’s normal to sometimes feel you aren’t quite where you think you should be. But maybe it’s time to change your perception and  hike your own hike.

Start by comparing and then let go…



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