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Letters to the Universe

Why „Letters to the Universe“ is for You:

Searching for a good title for my blog, I thought, this is it: Letters to the Universe. Throughout the day, the week and months we accumulate thoughts and ideas. We read about healthy living, healthy food; about self-improvement and how to practice self-love – at least, these are the topics I read about. In the end, it needs to go somewhere. It needs to find its way to the Universe. We are all creative beings, responsible to create a meaningful life for ourselves and our loved ones. 
I like you to take advantage of the time I spend reading and searching the internet for more interesting stuff. Time, I don´t spend folding laundry or cleaning the kitchen. Let alone tiding up the kid’s rooms, as UPS – they have forgotten to do that. But let me start with


Hi, I´m Melanie and with my Letters to the Universe I like to invite you to my journey.


A journey to different countries, on Yoga mats and into the silence of mediation. Sometimes, we are so caught up in daily routines, that we can´t see how beautiful this journey is and how much more there is to explore. I was so busy with preparing Lunch boxes and driving kids from one place to the other, that I forgot to look after myself. 


Your greatest obstacle is your biggest chance.


My kids and our family life kept me busy, I was so occupied with re-arranging furniture and learning new languages, that I forgot to enjoy it. Being grateful of having a family life like that. Until, I started with Yoga. 

Take a deep breath and go with the flow.


This Blog is just like that: go with the flow and explore. Explore, how to live a conscious life. I can´t tell you exactly where this journey will take us. But I am happy to share with you what I`ve learned along the way. Which authors, blogs and books have inspired and uplifted me. Why I finally started a writing career, not knowing where this will take me. 

Follow my blog and receive my weekly newsletters with ideas of how to get out of your routine and into your life. Read about my family life and how challenging situations can help us grow and go further. Maybe it´s not for everyone, that’s ok, as long as it is for you. 

"The journey of life is not meant to be feared and planned, it´s meant to be travelled and enjoyed."

What to expect?
  • 7 Reasons how Yoga helps you surf the waves of Life.
  • 5 Insights of how living an Expat life has completely changed my identity.
  • 3 Tips to Successfully installing a morning routine.
  • Why Greeks love the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • The day, the Serenity Coach went through the roof

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