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Why Music Matters – it doesn´t need much to touch your heart and fly away

Sometimes, it doesn´t need much to touch your heart. It´s a smell, a sight… or a sound.


Turn on the radio and fly away with a song. 


Lately, we entered the car and while starting the engine, the last three chords from Queen´s „who wants to live forever” played in the radio. Immediately, we were reminded of the film Highlander. It had only been a few seconds, but we were transformed in a melancholy mood.


Once set on fire, we streamed the song to dive into it and get carried away, turning the car´s audio system to the max. In the back of the car, we had two seven-year old’s, one of them a big music fan. She sang along with fervor and I was wondering, how universal music can be. Written in 1986, 26 years before she was born, it is still part of our radio scenery. It is something parents listen to, play in their homes and kids from every age connect with. It is a song, which has endured time.


Who wants to live forever?


Freddy Mercury could have not known, that he would die five years later, but singing it with all his heart, connected to so many people ever since it has been released.


Music connects, music touches our heart. It is proven that music changes our heartbeat, our blood pressure, the breath frequency and can also impact our hormonal balance. The sound coming through our ear touches the adrenal gland and pituitary, which regulates important body functions. We listen to a song and we immediately get physical reactions in our body. It is the interplay of lyrics, the compilation of instruments and the voice of the vocalist, which grabs our soul.


“There´s no time for us.
There´s no place for us.
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?”


What is this thing that builds our dreams?


Whenever I listen to a song, which deeply connects with me, I am reminded of my dreams, reminded to not take life as granted, reminded to thrive further and try to reach the horizon.


How often have you dreamed of something, which you never tried to accomplish?

How often was this the result of external barriers or because you talked yourself out of it?


Ever so often we set our own limitations. We have a dream, but before we are getting closer, it “slips away from us”. Before we even get started, we stop and tell ourselves why it´s impossible and out of reach.


We don´t only listen to music because it flatters our ear. We love to listen to music, because it touches or heart. We connect with the singer, the band. They have reached the next level. They live their dream; they live our dream.


“There´s no chance for us. It’s all decided for us.”


Is it really all decided for us? When we listen to music, we really have to listen. To the instruments, to the vocals, to everything written in between the lines.


There are things we cannot hear, things we cannot know, but for as long as we breath we have to try. We can´t live forever. But the time we have, we have to live it to our fullest potential. We have to thrive, stop limiting ourselves and start working on fulfilling our dreams.


We are not immortal as the Highlander, but we can sing the song of our live with the same fervor as Freddy Mercury did. With every breath, in every moment, till the last breath reaches our lips.


“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

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