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Sometimes you have to go in the wrong direction to find your bliss

You know what I learned while living in Greece? Directions are relative. Greek people are very open and eager to help. If they don´t know the answer, they figure out a most likely one. To them, this is better than to not help you at all. If you ask them for the way, they definitely have an answer for you and well, at some point or the other you will reach your destination – or a different one. Maybe the latter was better.


Listen to your intution


The same stays true for our intuition, guiding us through life. Sometimes it gives us funny advices and we can hardly believe that this is right, it may even lead us to dead ends. Shall we trust it?

What, if we don´t listen to it? Making a different choice?


What if, it is not our intuition, leading us in the assumed wrong direction, but our negative thought patterns, which mimic as intuition to guide us towards the “secure way”, promising us “the end of the rainbow”, where bliss unfolds.

The tricky thing is to know the difference.


How can you know the difference, if one is pretending to be the other?

The answer is quite easy: it´s the hard way, the uncommon thought, the “this can´t be right” suggestion, which we should follow. Most likely, this is our real intuition.

It´s the one, which shows us new ways of thinking, new inspirations and new ideas to step into our full potential. Our intuition doesn´t let us run into the open knife. At some point, there is the security net, even if it´s invisible.

You have to learn your lesson


If we fall anyway, then this is the lesson we had to learn. If you read books about empowerment and self-help, they all have one thing in common: there are lessons you have to learn over and over again, until you change your pattern and “reach the next level”.

You may feel security is the right choice. Do things, because you always have done it that way, it feels safer to do it that way. Do you remember your parents told you not to take the shortcut through the forest, but walk around instead? You were too young and you may have lost the path while crossing the forest.

At some point in life, you have to shake off the voice that holds you back. You have to enter the woods, even though it´s dark and you are afraid that wolves still exist.


At some point, you have to step into your own power.


Don´t think, don´t judge, just follow your inner voice. It will lead you in the right direction, if you dare to listen. If we always go in the same direction, we will always land at the same destination, make the same experience. We have to overcome these fears in order to grow and make new experience.

That´s what I have learned from “the Greek Way of Life”: it´s not important to always have the right answer. Start by walking one step forward and the path will unfold. Your intuition will lead you the way.


“I believe in intuitions and inspirations… I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.”


The day, where we ended up on top of this beautiful beach, which was closed due to an earthquake followed a landslip, we accepted the unchangeable. We turned the car, drove another 10 minutes up the hill again, followed the route up North and a little pathway down to the beach again. 30 minutes more, but what we found, was not less impressive:

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