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Hold your vision & trust the process

Never stop looking for new ideas and trust the process


Lately, we subscribed to the Online Yoga Platform Alomoves. They have a whole range of Yoga sessions, tutorials, courses, breathwork – in short: everything you need to improve your Yoga skills. We were looking for new ideas to enhance our practice.

Amongst the many teachers Alomoves has listed, we also found session with Patrick Beach, a well-trained Yogi who moves with ease and grace and a sense of simplicity. He has an amazing core strength and the ability to make every challenging Yoga pose look easy.

Of course, Yoga is not about the shape of the pose, but it´s nevertheless fascinating to watch some Yogis “flow” through difficult poses. You see, that it´s not about the shape of the pose, but a perfect interaction between body, breath and mind.

One of Patrick`s main “poses” is floating from downward facing dog to the top of the mat, placing the feet in between the hands. Optionally, he floats into handstand or push-up (Chaturanga Dadasana). The technique is to lift the feet off the mat, while the hand rest on the ground, upper body above the wrists, in one line with the shoulders. Seeing Patrick floating through this movement gives you a slight touch of wonder. How can one be able to master it´s body so thoroughly?


How can WE master to learn a new skill?


We found a tutorial in our new subscription on how to learn this floating. It consists of 8 videos, which teach you step by step to get your feet off the mat. We immediately decided to start the challenge for no other reason than to try something new and learn how to float.

For a very long time I was often hesitating to try out new things, or push myself to sports activities, because I thought that it is  

  •  Not possible for me
  • I won´t be good enough
  • Someone else can do this better

You and I may not be very different, so you can possibly relate to the feeling of finding hundreds of good reasons, why it makes no sense to even start something new.


Where does this lack of confidence come from?


The reason is, that we have no trust in the process. Every time we find interesting new things we have to leave our comfort zone. They are new because, we never did them before. Our brain reacts with fear, with fear and hundreds of explanations why it isn´t a good idea to

  • Do it now
  • Do it at all

It tells us, that

  • We will lose money
  • People will laugh about us
  • Someone else has tried this before and failed


Get rid of the “explanations”


My brain has lot of this “explanations at hand, but I know better now. I had chosen this session, because I now, that it is possible to overcome self-doubt and fear. I have learned, amongst others through Yoga, that we can reach much more than we think.


Follow the “law of the small steps”


Doing one step at a time, without looking too much ahead. The important thing is to trust in the process. Believing in the fact that many little steps will make the whole.

I have just been through number 3 of my video tutorial session and I´m far away from floating. I might need some more sessions to train my core and I probably have to cure my shoulder injury first, before I trust my arms to hold my legs up in the air. But what I know now is, that it is possible. A continuous training will eventually lead to the result.


Once we start to trust the process, the results will unfold in front of our eyes.


A few things might help along the way:


  • Listen to your intuition: the more we train ourselves to listen to our intuition, the better it is working. Ask yourself if the new project is something you always dreamed of doing, complement your skills, add an uplifting new site your life? If you start to listen and feel a little “tickle” in the tummy, it might be the right thing to do.
  • The right timing: You are juggling with the deadline of a very important job project; summer vacation is right around the corner and your husband/wife is busy with work too? Then it´s maybe not the best time to start the online course with 6 hours of video training per day. Look for something less time consumption.
  • Time planning: Check your weekly to do list to see how much time you can liberate for the new projects. How much time is needed? Where can you save time on other tasks (limit TV or social media time, combine grocery shopping and going to the gym, do the laundry only once a week).
The most important thing is to work on your mindset: you have to believe that you can do it!


You and I may not be ambitious persons, but we can overcome the lack of self-confidence and procrastination. We just have to tell our minds that little steps will lead to the big picture. Just start with a single step and then trust the process.

Hold your vision dear and make as many steps as possible in order to reach your goal.


It is not necessary to have a regular Yoga practice or float into handstand to complete your tasks, but gaining new strength and flexibility in your body, will definitely help your mind to grow as well.


“Yoga does not transform the way we see things; it transforms the person who sees."

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