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Dancing with Silver Shoes – Why now is the time to fight back fear

Just this morning, I saw a recording of yesterday`s livestream from the Himalyan Institute that dealt with the question of “Buddha & Patanjali’s Solution to a Pandemic” by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, who is the Spiritual Leader of the Institute. Bringing it down to a few points, he said that we cannot fight Corona virus, but we have to consciously watch our reaction to it. We have to control the fear. The fear, that is inherent in all of us. A fear that we have collected from early childhood on and add up onto it throughout our life. Corona, is only the trigger and the uncertainty and powerlessness, which comes with it. The most important thing, we have to do now is control the fear within us.


But how can we fight the fear?


Uncertainty – the biggest fear of humanity. In Germany you say: humans are creatures of habits. Depending on our nature, we don´t easily like to try out new things. Applying for a new job? Better rest at the secure and steady position in my current company. Move to a different city or another country even? This is a lot of work and who knows, where we land?

I know, what I´m talking about – living a life as an Expat family has claimed a lot of flexibility from us, but we also gained a lot of new experience and have seen wonderful places.


A lot of people indeed prefer, that everything stays the same. Same job, same house, same surrounding. If they are in experimental mood they are trying out a new dish or buy themselves a fancy new dress or colorful socks. This is our human nature.


What we fear most is transformation.


Right now, routines are completely down. Our life is in constant change. The whole family is home, we have to deal with limited space for ourselves, working from home, homeschooling our kids and fear that we will get infected while doing the weekly grocery shopping. This is only for the lucky ones. Others are facing severe questions like how to stay healthy in fulfilling the job, where to find new customers and how to pay the rent, when the complete income has vanished? Not even to think about how to buy food for the whole family. These are tough times. Tougher for some than for others.


What we all have in common is our ability to stay flexible and open. If we put our heads in the sand, we won´t be able to adjust to the circumstances. We won´t be able to see the chances which unfold in front of us. I ´m a dedicated Yogi. I saw a lot of Yoga teachers, which admitted they never tried out online classes, because they feared the technique. Now, they threw themselves into it within days to generate at least some income.


I heard from companies, which were completely against home office, because they were afraid, the employees wouldn´t work enough. Now they see, it is working. It is not possible for all sectors, but a lot of companies have to admit that it´s working better than expected.


Whatever it is, we have to face, it´s important to realize, that it´s in our own hands, how we deal with this situation. Are we able to spread love and kindness to the people on the street, we meet during our short walks outside? Can we give people an encouraging smile, even if they walk on the other side of the street? Can we fight our own restlessness and anxiety to find a still space within?  


And how about our digital lives? Which messages do we spread through our social media channels? Are they encouraging others or do we just forward negative scenarios from virologists and experts, in order to inform our friends how bad the situation is? I´m pretty sure, we are all watching more news now than ever before. Why not spreading some uplifting quotes instead of digging in the dark?


I don´t say we have to run around with a happy smile all the time. It is very normal to have moments with dark clouds over your head and negative thoughts. I am not immune against it either. My routines are out of order and I´m worrying about the future. At times I´m restless and dissatisfied with the work I have planned and the chaos with slowly unfolds in the household. I can´t change it. Nobody can change the situation right now. Like you, I have to accept, that old routines have to be rearranged and new ones have to settle in. But I try to do this with serenity and ease. I try to be at peace with the present moment as best as I can.


Fear won´t help.


Fear only leads to more restlessness and anxiety. We have to raise our awareness to what is in our hands. How can I deal with my family members? Will a little smile light up the day of the shop assistant? How can I control my feelings in order to not “act out”? The best thing to do this is return into silence. If you ever thought about starting a meditation routine – now is the time! (check out an easy way to do so here). Our breath, is our greatest weapon. That´s at least how Pandit Rajmani puts it. Consciously breathe, even if it´s only for 90 seconds. Breathe and feel the silence inside. Meditation is not only for Spirit Junkies.


Else, you grab your most fancy dancing shoes and dance the tension out. Nothing more freeing than a lunatic dance under the moonlight – even, if you have to create the moonlight in your space. Sing, dance and whirl around – just don´t let the fear creep in.  



"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain."

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