Yoga Lover & Writer

Routed in my family, I am a Yoga Lover and Writer. 

I love to connect with other people and dive into new universes (Music, Books, Feng Shui,Yoga, Meditation and New Places). I‘m a multitude of characteristics, embossed by all the people I‘ve met and places I‘ve seen in my life. I can be very enthusiastic about new things and other times let it drop and move on to the next. This is part of my personality: I am an explorer type, drawn to investigating new matters. 

With my family, I switched cities within Germany,  moved further to Switzerland, until we finally landed in Athens, Greece. I dived into this new world (described in “my Expat Family Life”), explored the Greek lifestyle and became a Yogi. 

After we settled back to Germany, only 10 months later, Yoga helped me to re-center . The connection between breath, body work and mind is a great way of dealing with stress and anxiety.

I still have a lot to learn; calling myself a Yogi, was the first. It´s not dependent on titles and certificates, but on the act of doing it. (7 Reasons how Yoga helps you surf the waves of life)

Eventually, I started writing. Foremost to stay in contact with friends and family, while living abroad. Now, it’s a way of expressing myself. 

“I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.” — Flannery O’Connor

In my Letters to the Universe  I dive deeper into topics like mindfulness and self-love to show that even the tiniest change in your routine can make a huge difference. How we think and see our lives, determines how we live it.

Short facts:
  • Places I lived in: Berlin, Munich, Neuchâtel (Switzerland), Athens (Greece)
  • I love: My Family, Yoga, Writing, Travel
  • What I need: My family, a good book, friends, time to rest and collect myself
  • My favorite place 2019: Camp Mars Croatia, cause hey ‚it’s a cult‘ 😉#thirtysecondstomars
  • I dislike: stubbornness, holding on to old patterns, pollution
  • If I wouldn’t write: I would be an architect (inside/outside and everything connected with art)

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