Welcome to my Letters to the Universe

How often do we search for happiness on the outside? A spectacular journey, a new dress, another online course, which shall bring us to our innermost goal: having a fulfilled and happy life. 

Hi, I´m Melanie and with my Letters to the Universe I like to invite you to YOUR HAPPY LIFE.

„The Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are." – Rumi


With that quote in mind I explored life from a different angle. Be it on the Yoga mat or searching for silence in meditation; the journey of life can´t be travelled on the outside – it has to start within ourselves. Follow my blog and receive my newsletters with ideas of how to get out of your routine and back into YOUR HAPPY LIFE.

Hold your vision & trust the process


Whenever you want to start something new it’s a leap into the unknown. You’re mind is shooting questions like “how can do this?”, “Am I good enough?” and “Is this really possible?” Yes it is!

The trick is to hold your vision dear and make as many steps as necessary and trust the process. Train your mind to believe it´s possible.

Happiness is the new normal – but what is the trick of being happy?


Have you realized that happiness is „the new normal“? If you stroll through the magazine row in your supermarket, you find a whole corner with journals about “Happy Life”.

But what is this term happiness? Is it something you will find within or something from the outside? How can I live “a happier life”? Start looking for the answer.



Elevate yourself and hike a mountain, but don´t forget to be humble. If you want to climb a mountain, you have to plan in advance. You have to look for the right weather, the right pair of shoes and you have to budget with your personal forces.

But what will you find, on top of the hill? A beautiful view, some nice flowers or maybe a path to your innermost self? Be exalted, enjoy the view and feel the humblest.

Live like a dream


Lately, a lot of people started talking about vacation plans again. It feels like a past dream. But it reminded me of last summer. A summer, where I followed another handful hundreds of people to an island in the midst of the Adriatic Sea, chasing our favorite band and live like a dream.


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