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Have you ever dreamed of being more creative, starting a morning routine or doing something "out of the box"? Then you are just like me. I lived in different countries, had to start over anew several times and wondered what this is all about.

I went through all kinds of books, online articles and blog posts to find the most common denominator: fighting resistance and stepping out of the shadow showing no fear. 

We don't have to worry about the things we started and failed at, it's what we never started, which bothers us most. 

In my weekly Letters to the Universe I talk about what I learned on my Yoga mat, why I think that everything is possible and that you can always decide to fight back your fears. 



Have you ever wondered, how your life would be, if you had taken a different turn at some point in your life? Chosen another career path? Met other people or seen different places? Maybe you are dreaming of being more creative or less chaotic? Of earning more money or having more free time? Than you are not alone. 

Live like a dream


Lately, a lot of people started talking about vacation plans again. It feels like a past dream. But it reminded me of last summer. A summer, where I followed another handful hundreds of people to an island in the midst of the Adriatic Sea, chasing our favorite band and live like a dream.

7 Reasons How Yoga Helps You Surf The Waves Of Life

Imagine : you just moved from peaceful sleepy Switzerland to crowded and lively Athens. Furthermore, you are part of a five-person family household. Say, you are THE FAMILY MANAGER and while finally all boxes are unpacked and the family starts to settle in, you learn that you have to move again.


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